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Tales of vesperia review

Tales of Vesperia is a strong anime-style Japanese RPG with a wide-ranging story, compelling characters and an intense real-time battle system that keeps you on your toes. Although it has a somewhat inconsistent visual style and is relatively low on graphical details, the character designs and animations are very good, and there’s a ton to explore in the world. The storyline isn’t breaking any new ground and begins to unravel somewhat at the end, but there’s power here, and the characters will definitely stay with you after the battle ends.



Star wars force unleashed demo out in xbox marketplace for free

The star wars force unleashed demo has just come out on the xbox marketplace. I got the chance to finish the demo and i can see what all the exitment is about. the physics are so real glass really does break like glass so does wood and metal bends just like metal. not only that but the AI is very advanced when u try to make some one levitate witht the force they actually try to grab on to other storm troopers objects etc. the game is very faced paced the graphics are good and the gameplay is tremendos. star wars fans yur next epic will soon arrive. go to market place new releases and go to demos

Hello gamers!

I have launched the enigma gaming blog with a purpose to give quality news and articles to video gamers! I my self play many video games and i find it hard to find video game news sites who seperate the important articles from the ones no one wants to read. So iam here to save you with quality game news reviews and trailers i hope u will continue to come to enigma gaming in order to satisfy your gaming needs. There will also be many featured clans from here for many games. I will also include tips from pros for the advanced and noob level players. So tell your freinds about


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