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GC 2008: Call of Duty: World at War Co-op Hands-on

The credit for this posts dosnt go to me but to jason ocampo of ign

It was bound to happen sooner or later; having seen Call of Duty: World at War about three or four times now, Activision finally let us have a chance to actually play the game, a World War II shooter built on the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare engine. We got a taste of two-player co-op in the Pacific (the game supports up to four-player co-op in the campaign) as well as some Russian-themed competitive co-op.

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final fantasy agito 13

Square Enix’s DKS3713 fan event in Tokyo brought with it a few surprises, all of which were welcome. In particular, the news that Final Fantasy Agito XIII (the mobile-phone installment of the Fabula Nova Crystalis franchise) will be released for PSP echoes E3’s revelation of Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360 as a move that guarantees far more Western fans will have access to the game. We’re not entirely certain if Agito is exclusively PSP-based now, but it seems likely given the brief gameplay glimpses shown in the revised game trailer.

And what a trailer it is. Where previous glimpses of the game showed what appeared to be a sort of card-based battler with the usual Tetsuya Nomura-style CG art — young beautiful people looking heroic — the new teaser for the game is considerably darker. It begins with heavily stylized CG footage designed to resemble World War II-era newsreels (sepia tinted, high contrast, and a highly militaristic feel) as a Hitler-esque leader commands a stylized army to symbolically assault a castle-like structure — the magic academy depicted in the prior game trailer. Inside, the academy’s crystal cracks and fragments, and a team of young students stands at bay as they’re surrounded by an army. It definitely has shades of the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer, with almost real-world magic users overwhelmed in a standoff with realistic military forces, yet it has a feel all its own and stands apart from anything that’s ever borne the Final Fantasy name before.


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